Carol Davison

Maggie I work in HR. Very few of the jobs I’ve seen were filled by someone groomed for the position. I obtained mine by sending in many applications and eventually being most qualified. So write a great resume such as “Served as Loaned Executive to the Combined Federal Campaign and raised 103% of goal during a recession inspite of new administraitons unfamiliarity with the campaign. Initiated awards ceremonies to reward performers and motivate others to ensure volunteer campaigners continued working.” Regardless of what you are told develop great answers to questions regarding your competency answering these questions:
challenge, context, activity, results, impact. Save it in a word document and cut and paste answers. Ensure you say leader, chief, division head, training, development, etc when they do. Are you determined to be qualified? Good fine tune your appliation. Not qualified? Re write your resume.

IA part of the problem is that HR gets 100 applications for every job, at least half of them not qualified. Another part is that some vacancies are so poorly written they don’t screen in/screen out qualified people. I’m a veteran with a disability and I don’t get called for interviews each time I apply. Finally its not good business sense to pay for relocation if you don’t have to. I don’t want them spending my tax dollars that way do you?