Chris IRS Recruiter


I joined the IRS Recruitment Office in January 2010, as a management assistant and I’ve recently transitioned to an analyst position. The three years I spent searching through job announcements and applying were worth it. Some great opportunities have come my way, and I LOVE my job.

There wasn’t any one thing that I did that was key to landing my job. I checked USAjobs two or three times a week and applied for anything that sounded interesting, even if I was over qualified. I also let friends who work for the Federal Government know that I was looking for a position. Be patient and persistent!

PS-If you’re curious about IRS jobs visit our careers website: http://jobs.irs.gov/home.html We also have a facebook page where applicants ask questions and we share tips on how to get your foot in the door-feel free to check it out :http://on.fb.me/dkbxFO Good Luck!