Esther Dacanay


A great service you might want to try is http://www.FederalResumix.com. Don’t give up. Yes, mobility is something you may want to consider to increase your chances. If you’re allowing yourself to be “tethered” to one geographic location, that really narrows your chances of getting in. Sometimes you have to “do the time” in an undesireable location for a time prior to applying for a transfer. And yes, if that job is in the U.S., typically, the government does not pay for relocation expenses. Let that be your first “in”. Once you land a job in the U.S., apply to overseas positions, of which, most do offer relocation expenses. The key is in your resume and in knowing where to “place” that resume, as in, which government agency Web site, since there are quite a few out there. USAjobs does not process all resumes for all government agencies. You really have to know which agency Web site will process your resume for that particular announcement, otherwise, it could be floating in cyberspace….