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Thanks for all the responses. No, I was not paid to ask the questions. I lost $375 and I am frustrated. Here are the things that I did not like:
1. There was no discussion with the editor prior to beginning; So, I had no chance to express my expectations.
2. It looked like the person did not even review the entire resume – no comments on additional info section.
3. I had prepared the resume based on Kathryn’s book – which I found was useful and got it for free from the library.
4. The critique only included boilerplate comments like – use more action verbs etc. which you can get for free on the internet.
5. When I expressed my unhappiness, they said they will look into it. No response to further e-mails.
6. I wanted somebody to review the resume and make sure it reflected over 25 years of programming experience. Given the constraints of #of characters, I wanted the resume to look polished without too many details. Anyway, I would have paid $10 for what I got. I have learned my lesson..