Denise Petet

in a lot of cases, ones I’m familiar with anyway, there are a lot of ‘middle managers’, that are pushing forth changes that either make sense to them, or are parroting change put upon them by – usually – appointed administrators…who don’t do the job.

Upper management can’t quite explain things to middle mgmt. Largely because upper mgmt doesn’t know the nitty gritty. Or middle mgmt doesn’t quite understand just what upper mgmt wants…but won’t say so cause they’re just insecure enough that they don’t want to admit they don’t know what they should know, or what upper mgmt thinks they should know.

So we have a lot of people implementing change, that really don’t ‘get it’, yet are afraid of being questioned because they don’t want to look ‘stupid’, so questions are something to fear. Thing is, for many of us in the lower ranks, we’re not stupid. We know that our managers quite often have no idea whatsoever about what we do. And we’d probably respect them more if they fessed up and admitted that they really don’t know what they should…but dude, we need to change this and this is why, so how can we make it work????

in other words, instead of thrusting it on others with ‘i’m the boss, do as i say’, if they’d just take 5 minutes with a ‘this is what and this is why’ explanation, people would likely understand it better and work with it.