Denise Petet

There is a fine line between ‘all change is bad, stop it’ and questioning. And I think that’s where ‘resistance to change’ gets a bad rap.

Quite often in govt (and heck in the private sector as well) you end up with a lot of management that gets a position based upon personal relationships rather than skill and ‘earning’ it. And so you end up with a decision maker that’s never done the job, deciding to change things because they ‘make sense’ or ‘look better’.

Thing is, they quite often don’t understand just what they’re changing. Or why.

There can certainly be a benefit to sitting down and poking holes into the ‘new and improved’ way of doing things….I think of it as troubleshooting before it all goes to heck in a handbasket.

Sometimes asking why now can save you a ton of ‘how do we fix it’ later.