Avi Dey

Nov 01, 2010

Your Comment: Got a NASA question? Tell me and I’ll ask

Topic 01.01 : Follow Up From the NASA Collaboration Event Invite to (Municipality earlier posted at Govloop last week ?

Here is the previous govloop posting. I was unable to connect with anyone associated with this event to follow up on NASA’s interest & PPP interests to “municipality based” Hurricane & Tornado Response & preparation. (State of Virginia Dept of Emergency has a valuable plan they have developed anchored with Hampton Road 2 day July event recently, coordinated by U.S. Chamber group in DC.)

But so far, I am having trouble either follwoing up on the NASA “Municipality” Event or on connecting with someone appropriate at NASA AMES where the NASA “Earth Science Center” is located to seek if we can link via a PPP, to demonstrate and execute technolgies and social capital as necessary on a municipal level as is the way Virginia Plan is structured, logically so, due to need for “local response” (there are 7 key elements to the Virginia Emergency Dept Plan).

Here is the earlier NASA posting at Govloop that I am having trouble following up now, though I tried to make contact via the NASA attendee list, but have failed everytime to make any meaningful communicatiosn going on this topic and related topic of “workforce training” & “emergency health innovation” topics.

Alex Moll commented on Dan Munz’s group “Collaboration Project” on GovLoop – Social Network for Government

Hi fellow GovLoopers,

I hope you or someone from an agency can join us at next Wednesday’s OpenGov Community Summit at NASA. Here is the link: http://october-opengov-workshop.eventbrite.com

This one will be the most collaborative summit in the series, given all the resources that NASA has put into it and the focus on technology. Also, it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce the principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration to others at your workplace that aren’t familiar with opengov. Please let me know if there are any questions and I hope to see you there!


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