Steve Ressler

I stumbled onto to your site after reading of your planned march.
As Federal employees I can understand your group being proud
of the service they provide to our country.

As someone who sometimes believes govt ‘does suck’ I want to
tell you not to take this conclusion personally.

Most Americans don’t even think of Federal workers en mass, only
individuals who fall short of expectations.

The target of my assessment is the Congress and the power of the
Executive branch which runs roughshod on our nation with never
ending burdensome legislation beyond the will of the American people.

There is a belief of a ‘political class’ that itself is insulated from what
they impose on the American people, all the while nurturing special

What we have seen the past 15 months has been a growing resentment
of the Federal govt..and this election will be the first step in halting the
encroachment on our lives…and that of Federal employees too.