Doris Tirone

Asking for the job is an employer’s best measure of the candidate’s interest in the position! If you’ve put in the work to research the company, it makes sense that you have have intelligent questions to ask about the job and how it fits into the overall organizational plan. Be sure to ask about the “next steps” in the hiring process; the employer typically interprets this question to mean that you remain highly interested in the position; also be sure to tell the employer how the position fits into your career goals. Asking for the job doesn’t have to mean coming right out with a direct request but it does mean that you should communicate your continued and increased interest in being selected once you’ve heard more in the interview. Take that opportunity when the employer says “Now do you have any questions for us” ask whatever questions you may continue to have and include asking for the job… that is, if you still want it! If you don’t ask, you may not receive…. and asking doesn’t hurt. If the employer is interested in you too, you’ll make it easier for the employer to make that selection decision! P.S. It’s true: Many employers expect candidates to ask for the job if they really want it. Don’t be shy. Shyness won’t serve you well if you’re hired so why not show the employer beforehand that you’re confident of yourself and your abilities!