Dale S. Brown

I think insourcing is a good trend. When I supervised contractors, I found it could be difficult. Many of them had their own needs- they needed to get more contracts, so sometimes they tended to make recommendations that got them more contracts, for example. Or, I would review their contract and find clauses that allowed them to advertise. Another problem I don’t see discussed often is copyright. Everything the government writes is in the public domain. Contractors would often keep the copyright of things I thought should belong to the public.

For certain things contracting is the way to go. I am thinking of running cafeterias, office cleaning, and clerical work. Also, surge situations where there is a short-term need. In addition, I want to be clear that many contractors I supervised or partnered with were absolutely excellent. I have also worked for several contractors. But I think a core of people who are dedicated to the public interest is a better way to go.