Julie Chase

Good point Cheryl. Here’s how Uncle Sam gets out of that “sticky” situation. I am a gov credit card holder. I am not allowed to purchase anything that is on the TAA……or not on the CCR or from China or other countries we are not friendly with. However, a “contractor” can buy from China all day long. Example: NMCI, for the worst part is our IT “contractor”. They are free to purchase whatever, where ever. There are several NISH contractors where we are allowed to purchase items with a gov credit card, and yes, some of their products are made in China. DoDEmall has recently pulled all the OPEN MARKET items (which are usually made in China), so that USA goods (and USA’s friends) can be purchased. GSA Advantage has not moved to that as of yet, we are not allowed to buy Office Supplies from them, even though their supplies are the lowest cost of any mandatory source. Basically, Uncle Sam wipes his hands clean by “contracting out” IT. Not rocket science, just look around the office at items purchased by contractors. Our old telephones were made in China. Then again, we didn’t buy them with gov funds.