Corey McCarren

I currently am a Fellow here at GovLoop, so I don’t actually work in government. My experience as a recent graduate was first at a start-up science laboratory in which I used my phone for work-related items. I suppose it depends on the organizational structure and private Vs public. I personally wouldn’t mind the option of using my own tablet for work if I wanted to, but I don’t like it being mandatory unless it’s paid for by the organization. As far as “why?”, even if it’s not required I may find myself productive when I have certain tools, though I don’t know if I’d ever actually purchase a tablet, I’m happy with my laptop and phone when I’m on the go. Also, virtual keyboards are not my cup of tea.

My biggest concern as far as a personal phone/tablet for government work be security. Security is important for a lot of government work, but at the same time I don’t want IT people going through my personal information. Some people save all of their passwords, even credit information on their personal phone/tablet.