Julie Chase

I don’t want to misunderstand you, but do you use “your” personal phone for gov work? And would you purchase (on your own) a tablet and use it for work? If so, I have to ask, “why”? In my small corner of the world, to rate a Blackberry, you have have double numbers at the end of your GS “AND” you have to be in a supervisory role. If not, too bad. I wouldn’t sync my “personal, bought and paid for by me”, phone, IPAD, laptop to anything on a government/work network. I do know that our NMCI NexGen, or whatever it calls itself nowdays does not allow “syncing”, or “plugging into” any gov operated computer. I am at a loss how to explain how the rest of the government has gone buck wild with IT, and our little section of DoD is still afraid of the boogey-man.