Paul Alberti

We are just getting started in the SP2010 environment. We stood up a 2007 solution and promptly migrated to 2010; not the best way to engage an organization. I am very much in favor of SharePoint; I have been promoting it for years. SP2010 has so many capabilities; it is difficult to focus on one solution. We are starting with the usual document management focus, and will branch out from there.
One of my most significant hurdles is we have a variety of MS Office installs – 2007 and 2010, we have XP and Win7, Explorer 7 and 8. Our Office installs were not configured to integrate all the Outlook, SharePoint functions, many of the icons are greyed out. We own the universe, but work in a one acre wheatfield in Kansas. It takes the full IT and business community to configure, integrate and implement a resource like SharePoint.