Dale S. Brown

You can apply for a job or use Richard Bolles’ techniques from What Color is Your Parachute to try to persuade a federal leader to create a job for you. Federal employees can be laterally moved into equivalanet jobs at the same grade without competition according to Lilly Whiteman, in her book, How to Land A Top Paying Federal Job. Here is the back up from the Code of Federal Regulations:

Authorities: 5 CFR Part 315, Subparts D and E

Agencies may appoint current career and career-conditional employees by transfer (Subpart E).

Agencies may appoint former career and career-conditional employees by reinstatement, but certain time limits may apply (Subpart D).

Employees appointed by transfer or reinstatement may be required to compete under the agency’s merit promotion program. See 5 CFR Part 335.