Denise Petet

Unions exist because workers feel powerless. they feel victimized and put upon and, well used by management. They get angry at having their salary or benefits cut unilaterally…’the boss’ decides ‘i need to maintain my profit margin to keep my share holders happy, and to do that you need to take a 5% cut in pay’. Or, in government ‘well, our taxes are down so our revenues are down so our budget has been cut so…we need to cut your pay to make up the difference’

And, as a worker, when you see your pay being the consistent ‘go to’ to balance a budget, you get sick and tired of it.

If management didn’t treat workers like renewable resources they wouldn’t be so angry. I have literally had a manager tell me, when a group complained about issues at work, that there were plenty of people that could fill our shoes and it’ would ‘be in our best interests’ to just let it go.

So rather than deal with an issue, management tells employees ‘suck it up cause if you don’t i’ll just find someone that can’

treatment like that breeds resentment and distrust, which is exactly teh atmosphere a union thrives in.

so if management, etc, is ‘scared’ by the ‘evil union’….well if the atmosphere for employees was less ‘be grateful we lower ourselves to hire you’ and more respectful of employees as a whole, then any union wouldn’t find it so easy to step in