Roland Shield

Do unions help or hurt government ?

It would seem that to arrive at any reasonable answer to this question, one must first forward a commonly understood and clearly defined role of Government and unions in this country. This has yet to happen; thus, it is a rather vacuous question.

Is there any middle ground for executives and unions in austere budget periods ?

Remember is school when they said, “There are no dumb questions.” ? Well, they weren’t referring to this one, because it is indeed a very dumb question. Why ? Because it frames the issues at hand in a hackneyed pointless this-or-that sort of framework. It is not about unions and it is not about executives. It is about how actual *people* are being marginalized and the middle-class is evaporating before our eyes as we speak. It is about how we got into this “austere budget period”, not about executives and union leaders holding hands for a photo-Op. The goose is cooked, the fix is in. Thank you Mr. Bernanke and Mr. Obama. The question is, what are We The People gonna do about it, with our without the unions–not that they really care anyway.