Denise Petet

Yeah, and I live in a state where any member of our legislature can serve one term and get fully vested in a retirement package that I have to work decades to earn.

There’s always a disparity and always someone somewhere that’s gotten themselves a cushy deal, usually at the expense of others.

I do not blindly support a union simply because I have seen the ‘pay us money and we’ll take care of you’ promises, with very little return. However, I am also not wholly against them because the old ‘work hard and earn your way’ is pretty dang impossible when those at the top rig the rules so they can keep their 80% of the profit and dribble the remaining 20% out to everyone else. The deck is often stacked in favor of those at the top who have their cushy living and are very willing to cheat and manipulate to keep it. Having someone to speak for you is often the only way to be heard.

Unions are easy targets because they don’t have a lot of credibility. As a matter of fact, when I think of the word, I have a mental image of fat cats tossing the ‘power of the people’ around to negotiate cushy deals for their members, deals that I, as a consumer, will have to pay for. They’re why people that sweep the floor can make $30 an hour.

One way to earn credibility is to have integrity and promote it and support it. If a union sees an employee being treated unfairly, they step in. But if they see a slacker trying to cook up an excuse to get out of rightfully earned punishment, the union steps back….their loyalty isn’t to themselves or their profit margin or the employees, it’s to integrity and supporting those that honestly have earned that support.

They take care of the good and work with management to reward the good but they also step back and let the bad apples get what they got coming to them. They are not pro management or anti management, pro employee or anti employee, they arre pro integrity. They acknowledge the good, be they managers or employees and they shun the bad, no matter who they are.