I am really amazed that no one can see the harm that the public sector unions are causing. WI Teachers are teaching the kids to lie by getting a fradulent “free pass” from a doctor instead of going back to work. Sanatation workers in NYC shut down the city just because they could last month in the middle of the snow storm. Collective barganing is not a right. Having a pension for life is not a right. Health care is not a right. Once, many years ago, I agree that unions were needed to fix bad working conditions, etc, but today, they are money hungry propaganda machines bankrupting states, counties and putting a huge burden on US competition. The thought process that public workers need to be protected and the union is there to be a security blanket is making the workforce more complacent over time. And this is why the public workforce always seems to get the bad rap. We need to rely on ourselves, teamwork, innovation, to motivate and mentor the young professionals. We need to teach our children to stand up for themselves, work hard and they will have success.