Well, I have yet to see a union who was really representing anyone but themselves. They do get very good pay and benefits. Unions today are in the business of selling different products to their membership. Why? They can charge hefty fees to these companies for the names of their members. Plus, look at the dues the member pays today and where do they go? To support Union mangements direction. If unions think they can do it better why do they not buy these companies and try for themselves!! Most would go belly up very quickly. Why do companies go overseas or to the south…cost of production is so much cheaper. Yes Labor. Wisconsin,,, well I am all for the Scott Walker adn his ideas. He is right in that it is not just the Democrats but Republicans also allowed the union contracts to get out of hand. Where else can you retire when you are “52”. Thats right 52!! We are in a bind and where else can you go to cut. governmetn could raise taxes but that would just drive us into a deeper recession. When will our elected representatives represent us those who voted them into the office