jill herndon

If it is short, don’t stress. Here are some ideas from past furloughs.

Do something around the house that you wold otherwise have to pay someone to do.

Use that timeshare week now in a “last minute” booking that will give you more for less.

If you do not already have a money making hobby, this is a good time to focus on that second income stream. Put something on Ebay or Craig’s list that you no longer need.

Declutter — take a load or two to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Do taxes and get all of your deductions this year.

Honor your parents. Join your children in school — read to the class — help the teacher — go on a field trip.

Take your children out of school for a week for educational travel or to honor your parents.

Finish that project that never gets done and continues to weigh on you — a painting, a quilt, carpentry (molding).

Other people will address the less temporary measures –but yes dust off your credentials and remember that down-sizing government also means more temporary positions will become available and it might be time to become more of a gypsy, ride the tide to more opportunities. If you are near retirement, maybe it is a good time to take on some risks/challenges before you leave government.