David Fletcher

There are so many things you can do on the iPad and the list just gets longer every day. I’m never without it during meetings, I carry my complete library of strategic documents, RFPs, designs, etc. with me in iBooks so that I always have it, and I need it more now than ever. Remote desktop is valuable so you can take care of any of those functions that otherwise might tie you down, project management, Remedy, things like that. Valuable during strategy and idea sessions, also to maintain contact with Twitter, IM, etc. it is the best platform for that. We have set up database servers and Citrix servers just to support our iPad users and that’s just a beginning. Now working on more apps for field worker automation, etc. that will make our workforce even more efficient. It also continues to drive the convergence of work and leisure that needs to support 24×7 operations. Perhaps my favorite app still is Flipboard which lets me track so much of what is happening across our state enterprise, including public and higher education. And yes, at this point, I’d wait for the iPad2 of course.