Ed Albetski

WOW! “”might have worked with a generation of untransparent, unoversighted, political patronage notions of service deliveries around both parties that is gradually being phased out by forceful modernization and rigorous accountability.”‘

Okay, Steve, I agree with Sterling. I won’t disagree with your sentiments about public workers not suffering the dangers hanging over the heads of private sector workers, but I think you could have stated them in a far more civil manner. No one here is the enemy and mutual respect is an important thing.

Other than the Defense Department, which is a world to itself, I worked the bulk of my career at a small statistical agency of around 500 very hardworking people. We worked overtime, on our own time, and canceled vacations to get our numbers out on deadline. I really have no idea what “illegalities” I might have seen; folks stealing pencils?

I am very proud to have been a part of my agency and proud to have known the people I worked with. And I am proud of the work I did.

Where have you worked in Government to give you such a terrible perception?