Ed Albetski

@ SteveWonder – You make insulting assumptions about folks you don’t know. I don’t get the feeling that Tam Walton feels that she is “way above the public she serves”, secretly or otherwise. And I’m a pretty sensitive guy. Really. I think I would have picked up on that.

After thirty years in the trenches of public service, I guess I just haven’t seen that many public employees who needed to get off their high horses. I’ve seen a few political appointees who could have stood to be knocked down a few pegs, but the wage earners? No. We have a lot more empathy for those in the private sector than you can imagine. How many of YOUR friends and relatives have lost THEIR jobs? I have folks in my own family, not that far from what would have been retirement, still out of work. And so do many folks here on GovLoop. And you have the temerity to say we have to get off our high horses? Can you see the ground from yours?