Tam Walton

Wow! After all this time I have been on this site I have never met anyone on here that I thought was being a jerk – until now. Thank you for being so insightful, encouraging and helpful. What makes you think we don’t feel America’s pain? Are we not the ones staffing the phone lines, making their medications, helping them keep their houses, and more? There are millions of us that would lose out all at one time. But there are the insightful ones like you that just make it all the better. The ones who think that because we are government workers we have the fat salaries and amazing benefits….as if we don’t pay the price for those benefits. The ones that think we’re all just lazy (even though the people I know work a crazy amount of work hours – including me). The ones that forget we have rent, mortgage, orthodontia payments, car, and community obligations, just like you. Our kids want to look forward to spring break, go to prom and get graduation gifts, just like yours. But no, because we choose to support the United States of America, day in and day out, there are no kind words or thoughts. No empathy for your fellow mankind. Your response to Steve’s inquiry is very sad and uninspiring for people who wish to remain positive and get through this without falling into depression. God bless you, because you really need to check yourself.