Susan Fairchild

You can go to their website at:


then look up the local MOW by each state and locality.

I’ve already called my local and they need help with delivery, with ‘drivers and runners’-one drives, the other takes the meal to the home, meal prep and packaging, and cleaning up.

And when we all go back to work they need help with food and money.

A couple of ideas:

-The grocery stores have 10 for $10 deals. You can put together some great meals for much less than $10.

-Those ‘rebate’ cash cards you get from changing phone companies, etc. Dont let them just gather cobwebs in your wallet. You can donate them.

-If you clean out your kitchen cupboards, check the exp. date on cans and boxes. Don’t donate food if it could be expired or possibly no longer viable. For instance, old bisquick makes biscuits that end up like Eric Staal’s hockey puck.