Allen Sheaprd

Hi. The volunteer options are endless. Almost endless. Well pretty darn long.

Its not doing work for free but trying something new for you.

1) Blood drive – we always need kind folks to help those donating. I suggest donating. For an advanced option: organize one.

2) Ask what needs to be done at your church or place of worship. Things needed range from social media to computer skills, helping out to gardening.

3) Stop by the city campground. They always need painting, repairs or want computer help

4) For those in scouting – stop by and see what they need.

5) Kids in school? Offer your time to the teacher or school. Caution – avoid the lunch room.

6) Local theater. From lighting to helping with the play. Plus you see the play for free.

7) Stop by museum or botanical garden – you’d be amazed at all the work behind the scenes.

Blog. Yes blog. Belive it or not our work here fits the volunteer definition.