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Denise Petet

There are also issues such as ‘attachment security’…for example, any e-mails containing a zip file are quarantined and will be released after computer services makes sure they’re not a virus. Good idea, however if you’re an employee using software that requires an activation code to be sent to you via zip, it means that you can wait hours or days for it to clear the quarantine….or you give them your personal e-mail that you access via the web to get going on your job.

Or work places size limits on e-mails. Again, a good idea to keep people from clogging bandwidth with that 10 meg powerpoint that is ‘oh so cute’….however if i have a legitimate file to send i can’t because it’s too big. So I either fuss with a buggy FTP site or use my Yahoo mail that has a 25 meg limit.

I can respect their need for security and need to control limited bandwidth…however sometimes well meant limits hinder more than they help. And if there is a legitimate work around available, poor communication often means that people have no idea that they can use a legitimate work around, so they just make their own.

I have sometimes needed to download things for work (presentations that speakers were sending me) but was so hampererd by the bugs in IE (mandatory work browser) that I had to fire up my personal computer and use Firefox or Safari to get around the bugs of the approved software to get my job done.

I’ve had the occasional experience with our IT department, asking for something, only to get a stead fast ‘no’ with a lame excuse (such as why can’t we have a cable modem to get updates to our mac computers that you don’t want on the network….i was told that a cable modem would violate the integrity adn safety of the network…..with the computers that aren’t on it in the first place). If others get such a response, it’s often easier to just come up with your own work around than try to go through channels. Going out and using a personal e-mail can be a lot faster than days/weeks of endless phone calls and e-mails to solve a problem that you solved in 30 seconds by going to yahoo.com.