Ed Albetski

I loved PBS for their offering of good British television. Series like I, CLAUDIUS, POLDARK, UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS, and SHERLOCK HOLMES and RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY were able to reach American audiences. Now that I have cable with BBC America and the Internet, I don’t find myself watching PBS. But I caught Baking with Julia (Child) the other day and my wife and I were delighted. NPR, on the other hand, I listen to all the time.

Frankly cutting funding to these services, to paraphrase former senator (R-PA) Rick Santorum, is one more step down the slippery slope to book-burning. Certain members of congress want to control what folks think, and if they can cut off broadcast ideas that they don’t like by controlling funding, they will do it. Unless you live in Louisiana, where they have a curious method fraught with legal complications dubbed “45 Caliber Recall”, an expeditious way of removing unwanted politicians, you are stuck with the voting booth. A treacherous place. With cruel justice our country often gets the government it deserves rather than the one it needs. Education, I suppose, is the answer, but sometimes I feel like we are sitting around watching for that dead dinosaur to turn into oil…