Bill Brantley

Some argue that the kind of programming offered by NPR and PBS is offered through channels such as Discovery, The History Channel, and similar cultural cable channels. There are two problems with that:

1) These channels are only available to cable subscribers which can be rather expensive (I pay close to $160 a month for cable, Internet, and telephone).

2) Spend a weekend surfing these channels. You have numerous reality shows featuring hoarders, overweight people, designers, chefs, and addicts. That is sandwiched between reruns of CSI: Whatever, Law and Order: Another Spinoff, and Criminal Minds. Then there are the numerous documentaries on Hitler, the Da Vinci Code, and various secret societies. For added enjoyment, watch a few episodes of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory.

Cutting NPR and PBS would be an intellectual disaster for America.

P.S. Larry the Cable Guy now has a show on The History Channel. I can feel the IQ points falling.