Allen Sheaprd

95’s shutdown was full of uncertainty. How long? Which offices? Would people get back pay? Would people accrue vacation time? Would people find out “the feds work fine with 1/5 staff – lets keep it that way”.

As a Database Administrator for DITY (do it yourself move) , HHG (House Hold Goods) and GTR (gov travel) I had stay. The lack of traffic, the empty parking lot – they even closed the cafateria! I never thought I’d miss the food. It was erie. Then they started turning lights off. No one there! Just a handful of us.

It did not dawn on me till later that we would get paid. I was a contractor. If the company got any wind of my not being there – boom! They would find other work for me. There would be one more empty parking space on base.

Take care. Keep in touch and keep busy. Do not let the news hype get to you.