Erica A Morin

I know nothing about the iPad but re Nook vs. Kindle, I went with the Nook because it doesn’t use propriatary software like the Kindle and I could afford it. I tend to get most my e-books from the library and the Nook uses the industry standard, unlike Kindle. However, I have heard there is an application you can download to convert uPub books to Kindle’s format but seemed kind of silly for me. Also, the Nook doesn’t handle video and only the barest idea of music. However, I have the Nook for reading so that wasn’t a deciding factor for me. As for the iPad, it probably has lots more features but since they already seem to be coming out with a new version in shorter, shorter timeframes, I’m sticking to a simple B/W no frills readers (although the color Nook was tempting until I saw how long the battery lasted).