Jenyfer Johnson

Being in the environmental field myself I feel a little protective of the EPA, but I also understand they have to tread a fine line right now. They must protect the environment but with the economy the way it is, money being tight (federal and state), they have to be careful not to be SO overprotective they limit industrial growth and create an environment where no one can do anything. We can be too protective and it’s a difficult line to walk. Where do we draw the line? What chemicals do we allow and how much? What animals do we protect and which ones do we not protect? What do we allow in landfills? What do you want in YOUR drinking water? What do you want in YOUR backyard?

It’s easy to say “cut EPA funding” but then when people get presented with the scenerio of THEIR drinking water, THEIR backyard, THEIR neighborhood, it becomes a different story! So the EPA has to be careful and it’s going to be a real PR problem in my opinion.