Linda Wooten

US OPM’s Center for Leadership Development at the Western Management Development Center is offering a class you may be interested in attending – The Womens Leadership Seminar in Aurora, Colorado from June 17-21 2013. The full tuition is $3500, which includes course materials, food and lodging. For $3045, course materials and lunch are included only, and you will have to find your own hotel lodging, etc.

This seminar help prepare women in senior leadership positions. Some of the objectives include examining organizational cultures, emotional intelligence, unwritten rules and strategies for overcoming barriers to discover your own leadership style.

Senior women leaders in Government who have insight into what it takes to be a successful leader will share their experiences with you.

And, you will work in small groups to build an action plan for leadership success and support others during the implementation.

For more information here is the WLS flyer.

If you are interested, contact our Customer Service Office at Toll-Free: 888-676-9632. Leadership Development Website