Andrea Schneider

Thanks GovLoop!

Dear Chris,

Open Up Open Government. Remarkable ideas need innovative organizations to flourish. Make sure we have access to submit new ideas. Make sure influence in Open Government remains open. Integrate the framework/principles into the business of government, into our systems and organizations, in a sustainable way.

  • What do you think should be his top priority?

Expand participation within and beyond government, create an Innovation Center, pull together converging fields of interest, facilitate Open Gov demonstration projects. Look beyond the use of technology and data collection to the additional work that must be done. Access has to expand, not contract.

  • Should he focus on one of the pillars — transparency, participation or collaboration — over another?

They are all important. How they work together and what they mean to implement is different organizationally and operationally. Open Government requires open systems thinking.

  • What action can he take that will have the greatest impact within agencies?

Create agency champions and leaders. Asses and build agency capacity to understand and and implement Open Government. Partner up with philanthropy and business to fund OpenGov demonstration grants. Use papers like Innovation in Government (innovationingovernment-2011-02-03-110306111432-phpapp01) and other recent reports to inform actions.

  • How about the action that achieves the biggest impact on citizen engagement?

Don’t know yet what achieves the biggest impact, however, don’t rely on one methodology or channel to accomplish goals.

Invite practical proposals for the implementation of Open Gov and Innovation in Government (I admit I have a big one). Distinguish between Gov 2.0 (technology and data centered) and the broader fields of innovation, open government, sustainability in government, organizational design, design-thinking and other arenas of thought and action. Technology is a critical tool and a game changer, but it isn’t the only thing going on. I’m sure the President’s vision is bigger and more inclusive.