“…the new deputy CTO should build two-way communication channels to find out what data the public wants most.” Do you think people are stating what’s important based on the Most Popular Datasets on Data.gov? Perhaps the Administration (and agencies) can take a look at the Top 10 to 25 Most Popular datasets and release more like those…

“advise against depending heavily on social networking sites owned by third parties, such as Facebook and Twitter, to connect government employees with the public.”

Would it be cost prohibitive to build new platforms? Would they achieve the reach they desire by moving away from the places where people are conducting their daily lives online?

“any intervention Chris can offer in the debate over immigration (which will become hot, I guarantee it), to support the retention of talented immigrants at all levels in the economy…”

A comment tied to my question for Steve Radick above: this becomes especially important if the “best and brightest” tech folks are located in other countries and we’d like to recruit them to help out here…but do we want to bring global talent vs. focusing on STEM education here and building our own top-notch talent?