I would like to see Chris drive some consistency and coordination down into the individual Agencies and Departments, with Open Gov Leads appointed at multiple levels (HQ and Centers). His title is Deputy CTO for Innovation, which will require some major cultural shifts away from the top-down model that is currently in place, as innovation is definitely not something that can be mandated or delegated. That said, there will have to be policy changes as well to facilitate these changes, with a greater emphasis on the individual’s freedom to choose and self-select roles and projects. Funding set-asides for innovation across all aspects of gov’t business is key.

The NASA Forward Maker Camp is an event that is designed to foster innovation @NASA. I would like to see this model and others like it embraced and adopted across gov’t: http://nasamakercamp.wikispaces.com/

Finally, I would like to see the ExpertNet RFI results roll-up with some tangible next steps that include participants across all sectors of gov’t.