Keith Moore

Gov 2.0 must find its way to connecting the data dots to job creation. Small Business must lead, and Government must listen, and new media companies should have the chance that Bloomberg, American Express (Open Forum), and Google had when they established early MOU’s and contracts with several of the agencies. In fact, using Gov 2.0 o bring public trust back into Government would be to lead by example and require the large IT firms like Microsoft, HP, Apple to be required to commit to 23% of their federal contract dollars must include formal mentor protege relationships with small businesses. Large business must expand mentorships with small business. And finally, we learned from the DOT Open Government Forum January 2010 that the most challenging issue with government is collaborating with other agencies, so funding allocations to departments should be made on the basis of leading by collaborations with other agencies. Using social media and Gov 2.0 tools to fulfill agencies missions more effectively and with less of a budget to work with would be the order of recommendations as we see the marketplace at Open Government TV.

Oh, I forgot. There are some communities who still don’t know what Gov 2.0 is, and even worse, there are some government employees who do not either.

Welcome Chris. We at Open Government TV look forward to our interview with you.