Philippe Vermeulen

Reorganization has its’ cost and sometimes costs run high, or even higher than expected or forecasted.

In short, this is so since reorganization has to take into account the cost of dealing with the past in a smooth non-radical way in order to ease resistance ( cost caused by buy-outs or even worse, by leaving unwilling and/or “unfit” staff at the side-line without any return, the so-called social deficit). And it has to look to the future where most of the time IT comes in, projects are set up with little or no risk assessment or timely set goals and sometimes without the necessary know-how.

So, even if savings are realized, the continuing cost carries on, most of time unseen, or “unnoticed”. But that’s the case of any reorganization process. And you’ll have to be realistic about that. Good project management, with risk assessment and well-thought short, mid and long term costs and benefits assessment are key.