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Amanda Parker

I use glassdoor.com to learn about salaries of different companies based on position title, years of experience (not level of education, sorry) and location. You can use this in two ways–first, strategically, to know what the company typically pays its’ employees for a given position. Two, you can look at other companies and similar positions in your region to learn what the salary levels are for the job you’re applying to. The last bit of advice I would give you–since I am in a similar position as you–is to take some time to think about what salary you NEED. Certainly, you might really want a job and may think that providing a low-end salary requirement might make you competitive. But I would imagine you also have living expenses and bills to pay which dictate a certain salary level. In general, think about what you want, what you need, and what’s realistic while remembering not to sell yourself short! Good luck with your job hunt!