Chirag Patel

You have a great story to tell. I wish I can say the same thing. I was MPH student a few years back, my FCIP for a student position was referred but never selected. Since 2007, I have been applying at CDC, HHS, EPA, FDA you name it but haven’t had opportunity to even interview. Still have hope, one day it will get through. I have been networking, career fairs, and social networking sites which certainly have increased my contacts. Joined local Medical Reserve Corp. and trying to volunteer in Public Health. I don’t know what but may be my chiropractic background, lack of exp. in biology is playing role. Don’t know. FCIP has been discontinued, last year many of my application were referred to manager but now the site is down. Don’t know what happened to the applications we already submitted last year? Frustrating. Any other suggestions welcomed to gain a position in Public Health. Prepared to go extra mile to enhance my skills, even internship or volunteer work would help. I am certainly encouraged by your story. Thanks a lot.