Carol Davison

I don’t understand that philosophy myself. It seems that the more … applications you throw up against the wall, the more likely some will stick. However, I also heard of one guy who cpomplained that he sent in 3,000 applications in three years, about three a day, and HR kept disqualifying him. Unbelieveable. Even if what he said were true, they must have been of extremely low quality because of the small amout of time alotted to each one.

I also don’t see USAJOBS as cumbersome, and it took me 3 hours to apply because you needed my transcript, DD-214, KSA, etc, complaints. As a taxpayer I hope that we are carefully screening the majority of people out of government service. How else can we provide say, the VA with the most highly competent OR nurse possible? Also government has lots of paperwork, waiting, etc. if you don’t care for the recruitment process you probably won’t enjoy working here.

People also complain that no one gets back with them. I apply for one job and move onto the next. They will contact me if they want an interview. Why waste my time, email and mailbox communicating with people who don’t want to hire me? I move on to the next applicaiton.