Carol Davison

Its FEDARONI Andy. And do you think I would share it if I had it? No way I would hold out for world domination! It would be okay though, I’m a pretty benign dictator: Rule 1. Play nice. Rule 2. Collaborate. Rule 3. Produce results for the taxpayer. Rule 4. No Inflicting your chemicals (smoke, perfume, air freshener) on innocent bystanders. Rule 5. No brick sidewalks on which myself and others can twist our ankles. 4×4 concrete slabs are much less painful. Rule 6. Seats in the lobbys of all Federal buildings where one can rest one’s feet while waiting, or to change our of sneakers.

Actually once we transform managers to leaders who compell high peroformance, engage employees, empower them, challenge them, develop them, give them work with intrinsic reward so the employees will work harder that what is required.

360s cost $200. The problem is that we first we need to get out of the command and control mentality and change from management to leadership before doing them. Check out the leadership circle’s results graphic on its website for the best explanation of this.