Carol Davison

As a performance person, I realize that changing what will be rewarded, makes it happen. If we reward transformation from manages to leaders who compell their employees to high perforamnce, integrity, appreciative inquiry (vs fault finders), coaching, etc; we will get it regardless of whether we change training, sops, hiring, etc.

For example, my dog knows that if he presses his chest to the floor when I say down, he gets a pupperoni.

Because we reward people for working 9-5 we get it.

Because its expected to be quiet in the theater, we don’t talk back like we do at home.

Children are good in December so Santa will bring them presents. They aren’t so good in January.

Changing what is rewarded is the quickest way to make something happen. A 360 will requie analysis, skills gap training, rewriting Pds and vacancy announcments, etc all of which are a lot of work which I don’t see happening any time soon.

Here at Commerce/ITA we tied awards to performance by building the award nomination into the performance appraisal form. No appraisal, no reward.

If I had bossaroni, spousearoni, and kidaroni I could rule the world.

Of course this is an over simplification.