Alison Simon

Hi Lisa-

Nice that you are developing benchmarks! A few ideas: first, because your customers aren’t familiar with you, your benchmarking data may need to be on just your work output and not necessarily your team. Knowledge of your team would also be something that you might want to measure to see if down the line, knowledge of your work team increases. Your options for collecting this information are somewhat limited. You can do an internet survey (with pop-ups) or you can try survey monkey (see the other discussion about using survey monkey in the gov’t). There may be one or two other options, but that’s pretty much what you can do.

I also have to mention that you probably want to reach out to your customers before you implement anything to make sure you are covering their needs (is there something specific they would like to see included in the project?). That will help ensure higher customer sat numbers!!! I’d be happy to brainstorm more with you if you’d like. Just send me a message and we can chat. Good luck to you!!!