Tarryn Reddy

In the EPA Pick 5 for YOUR Environment they list advocacy as one of the options to do your part to help the environment. I really believe that advocacy will have the biggest impact on the future of saving the environment. Here are their suggestions:

1. Participate in a local environmental festival or event.
2. Organize a local event!
Start a recycling competition at work
Organize a cleanup day in your community, share the before and after photos with Pick5!
3. Establish a Green Award program in your community.
4. Talk to a friend about Pick5!
5. Find a ‘Green Mate’ across the globe, double up to make a difference. Pair up through Pick5 on Twitter, Facebook, let us know how you found each other!
6. Share your commitment on social networking sites.
7. Join or start a green club in your community.
8. Bring environmental education to your local schools and community.
9. Raise Awareness! Talk to others about the state of the environment, locally or globally

Number 9 is my favorite! Which one of these are you doing or plan on doing this year?