Randy Knight

Many of my colleagues at TSA have used facebook to connect and share experiences and advice. However, I’m somewhat disappointed that the TSA upper level management has not decided to use it in a more meaningful way. TSA has a blog that it maintains and seems happy enough with that online presence. I think there are more creative and effective ways to connect with the general public through popular mediums, like facebook, that will expand their ability to have an even greater positive impact with the tax paying public. TSA has created an iPhone app that I like and I hope they continue to embrace technology in creative ways. I have found facebook to be a great way to stay connected with many friends, former colleagues, and family members that are in locations all over the planet. I like how facebook combines an email-like messaging ability with other neat features such a instant messaging, posting of photos, links and notes. People can share a great many things and stay connected with many different people through facebook. As the web continues to grow and evolve, it will create new and innovative ways for us to use. I’m very interested to see what comes next.