Chirag Patel

hey folks,

I know since this killing of OBL took place in Pakistan, many questions came through mind. Was Pakistan knew about this? Was this a joint operation? Our relationship with Pakistan as some suggest “Frenemies”? Are we more friends than enemy or vice verse? Yesterday, I looked for timeline of the events took place following 9/11 and wanted to know who said what on record. So I came up with this site and it put all the pieces of puzzle in place. I said to myself, how did we get in this mess? Well, not surprisingly there were some revelation by some journalists on this site about how we have been misled ever since 9/11. I am attaching this link which you can read for yourself and make judgement. If you find people should know about this in and outside government, than you must share with others to help them understand. I know I have followed news for many years so if you followed news as well than some events in timeline will be recalled easily. Check it out…… TIMELINE SINCE AFGHANISTAN WAR

God bless our troops and USA.