Denise Petet

When or if it’s released, it should look like the stateroom of a ship, because i sincerely doubted they paused to take photos in the compound…not when they were under a strict deadline to complete the mission and get out before Pakistan scrambled fighters.

I also doubt that any personnel want to pose with the corpse, so it would likely be a photo of the body, in some sort of ship like room (I don’t think they’d have done this on deck simply to control the info…most of the crew probably had no idea what had happened for a while), and probably with a sheet/blanket covering all but the head.

The SEALs, when they returned, likely were rushed below deck, behind locked doors to keep it quiet until some sort of ID was made.(the flight deck crew probably only knew it was some sort of covert op, and unless they had an exact head count, probably thought the bodybag/body was one of their own) And, even after that, I bet that only a handful of people even knew until it was confirmed and they buried the body. The ship also, very probably, locked down communications to keep someone from sending home a ‘omg, you will not believe what just happened….’ e-mail or IM. For all we know, the ship is still locked down and the personnel ordered within an inch of their lives to keep their mouths shut.

I have no doubt that there are copious pics of the body, the state of it, etc, finger prints, DNA samples, etc…and i’m sure they’re locked up tight. If I was the doctor doing the post mortem – or as much as they could given Islamic rules – I’d want as much ID as I could get without crossing any lines…and either the doctor knew the burial rules, or someone told them what they could/couldn’t do.

If the public ever sees them, it won’t be for 20+ years. I’m sure the video feeds were recorded too, and i’m sure they’re locked up just as tightly.