Denise Petet

Killing him was definitely the best thing to do.

I think we all know that a trial would be a sham. Heck, look at the mess with Saddam. No one wants to deal with it, no country wants him – or the other Gitmo folks – anywhere within 100 miles of them. A trial would have been a long, drawn out mess that would have only made things hundreds of times worse. All a trial would have done was continue to martyr him and give him a platform to continue to commission attacks and rally supporters.

Whether those SEALS had an official kill order or if it was a ‘wink/wink/nudge/nudge’ ‘gee, if he’s killed, won’t that just be too bad’ or if it was a decision that they made themselves, it was the best one. Kudos to the man that pulled the trigger.

In some ways it’s like the quandries you see on any of the ‘animal cops’ shows….the humane shelter people want to save and salvage every animal that they can…but there are some that are just too damaged, too poor tempered, too sick to be saved…and the best outcome is to put them down.

Not necessarily declaring OBL an animal, however there are times when death is the best outcome.

It’s a relatively clean solution. Eye for an eye…dude murdered thousands, terrorized millions. And I guarantee you his death was quicker and less painful than that of many of his victims.